The goal of laboratory experiences is to become practiced and confident in nursing psychomotor skills, in order to provide the basis for safe, competent care to patients and families in the clinical setting. Lab sessions are scheduled as part of nursing courses, and preparation prior to sending at hospitals. At HNC&HNS along with demonstration of care, skill concept the faculty members use simulation techniques to achieve learning objectives of procedure laid down by Indian Nursing Council. Simulation occurs at varying levels of "fidelity" which is the degree to which it accurately reproduces a realistic situation or environment.



Nursing Foundation Lab


The heart of nursing is skill based practice. Our Nursing Foundation Lab is the practical area of the students, where they perform all nursing procedures on manikins prior to the exposure to the clinical field. The lab is designed to help the students to develop an understanding of the philosophy, objective, theories and process of nursing in clinical setting. The primary goal of the Lab is to enhance the first year nursing students' didactic learning of nursing intervention concepts with the valuable opportunity of practicing them on adult-sized "patients." In addition to scheduled College lab sessions, the lab is accessible to all the students in the Nursing Institute. This allows practice time for any student of some of the most commonly performed fundamental skills in an acute care hospital setting.



Advanced Nursing Lab


An Advanced Nursing Lab aims at teaching and training students the essentials of advanced nursing skills. The lab helps use skills taught by repeated practice on mannequins. It is also the venue for conducting the life supporting courses as well as the advanced cardiac life support courses.



Maternal and Child Health Lab


The College has a very well equipped Maternal and Child Health Lab.The lab has latest models, simulators, instruments, drugs, equipment for the management mothers during Antenatal, Intra Natal and Post Natal period.Additionally there is a Skill Lab to provide Advanced Skills in Maternal and Child Health. This lab is also provided with instruments and equipment to manage normal and diseased neonates and children.



AV Aids Lab


Various kinds of Audio Visual Aids are kept here for students' learning purposes. It is opened for the students with the latest equipment of LCD Projector, computer, laptop, TV, OHP, DVD player, Camera, Tape recorder, charts, models, posters and different types of boards which can provide high-tech educational media to support the teachinglearning activities of the students.



Community Health Lab


Community Health Nursing (CHN) is the area of nursing in which students are prepared to meet the ever changing challenges of the health of the society and the nation. The lab is well equipped with articles for preparing nursing students to deliver health care to the people at their doorsteps in both urban and rural communities. The lab helps them to be better prepared for the family visits and providing comprehensive health care services to the families. Models and Charts helps the students to identify and solve health problems in the community through innovative and effective strategies of Primary Health Care.



Pre Clinical Sciences Lab


Pre Clinical Sciences Lab is prepared to aid in better understanding of the various structures and functioning of organs and systems of the Human Body. Understanding of students about Human Anatomy & Physiology is done with the help of articulated skeletons, torso, various bones, models of different organs& charts. It also is equipped with different preserved specimens. The lab has excellent infrastructure forming the basis of deeper understanding of Human Body.



Nutrition Lab


The College provides a well-resourced Nutrition Lab for our students to practice the preparation of a well balanced and therapeutic diet for different age groups and clients with different health conditions. The students also practice to prepare a special diet for Antenatal and lactating mothers.



Computer Lab


The Computer lab is equipped with computers for all students with Internet facility. During their course of training the students are given practical sessions to work on computers under the expert guidance of our Computer teachers. They practice to work with various health softwares.